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Ken Block Breaks in His New Ford Raptor at Moab: Video

Even if you’re not an automotive enthusiast, you likely know who Ken Block is, thanks to his insanely popular Gymkhana videos. And while he has a garage full of wild creations, including a highly modified 1966 Mustang, a 1991 Ford Escort Cosworth, and a 2017 Focus RS, his daily driver is a Ford Raptor, and he couldn’t resist tricking one out to make it the ultimate machine to tear up the desert.

Now, AutoNation Drive’s own Jeffery N. Ross just got a chance to take the latest Raptor for a spin, and to say he came back impressed is an understatement:

The deep-water crossings and steep rock crawling were slow and technical, but the most fun is doing what this truck does best: jumping. The intense suspension travel and Fox Racing shock setup mean that the 2018 Ford F-150 Raptor absorbed jumps at 60 mph better than some cars handle highway expansion joints at the same speed. The suspension has so much travel that it took a lot of work to get all four wheels off the ground, but the landing was extremely controlled.

You can read Jeffery’s full review here, and if you want to see a rally champion show you how much this truck is capable of, watch the video below! The desert at Moab is legendary for its tough terrain, which is why its Jeep’s primary testing ground!

Of course, if you’re looking to pickup a Ford Raptor of your own, head over to your local AutoNation Ford dealer to take a test drive.

Because while you might not get the chance to put it through the punishment Block does in this video, the folks there can fill you in on everything the Blue Oval’s street legal trophy truck has to offer.

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