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Jaguar XJ Production to End, Replacement Likely Electric

This week, it was announced that production of the Jaguar XJ will end in July. While Coventry didn’t immediately provide any details on what will replace the company’s flagship luxury sedan, it’s widely expected that the next-generation will be electric.

Details come from our friends over at the UK’s Autocar, which highlighted the fact that in a market where even luxury buyers are opting for crossovers and SUVs, XJ sales were far behind its stablemates. That said, Jaguar has no intention of retiring the XJ nameplate, which traces it’s lineage back over half a century, and has been seen on some of the automotive world’s most iconic sedans.

As yet, there’s been no official confirmation, but it’s all but certain that the new XJ will be an all-electric affair, and aim to eat Tesla’s lunch, as well as take on competition from fellow luxury marques like Audi and Porsche. Given how well Jaguar’s electric I-Pace has been received, we imagine a whisper-quiet XJ will be a big hit.

But before it rides off into the sunset, we though we’d take a look at the current generation, and recognize its greatness. Here’s what AutoNation Drive’s own Andrew Chen had to say about his time with the Jaguar XJL Portfolio:

Quilted soft-grain leather with diamond stitching and embossed headrests are standard for all seating positions, and a gloss veneer encircles passengers from the inside of the doors to the far edges of the front dashboard. Cabin space is plentiful, especially in the back row — where you’ll find over three feet of legroom. It’s the perfect place to get some work done or just sit back and enjoy the view out of the panoramic roof. Overall, the interior of the Jaguar XJL is so comfortable and posh that it’ll make you think you’re inside a members-only lounge at a five-star hotel.

Not a bad way to cap the run, huh? For more on the fantastic XJL Portfolio, read his full review here.

Of course, while production is winding down, your local AutoNation-affiliated Jaguar dealer still has these stately cats in stock. So if you want to own the last example of a legendary line of luxury cars, pay them a visit today!

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