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Shocking Shift: New Report Says Jaguar Might Go Full Electric

While Tesla has introduced some impressive vehicles, we think Elon Musk’s California start up’s biggest success has been how the company has managed to flip the script when it comes to electric cars. Now, they’re not just fringe vehicles aimed at die-hard environmentalists, but luxury products that can have all the comfort and performance buyers have come to expect from the industry’s top players.

That said, there’s a downside for Tesla, in that other manufacturers have been taking note, and the next couple years will see a new wave of electric vehicles flooding into a segment the company had all but owned. Even given that seismic shift, however, a new report from the UK’s Autocar is rather shocking, because Jaguar is apparently exploring going fully electric. Here’s how it could happen:

It is understood that company product planners have produced an outline strategy under which Jaguar’s conventional vehicle range would be phased out over the next five to seven years, to be replaced by fully electric vehicles.

Under the plans being considered, a full-on luxury electric saloon, replacing the unloved XJ, is expected within two years. It will be a direct competitor for Porsche’s upcoming Taycan, alongside strong-selling cars such as the Tesla Model S.

Rethought as an electric vehicle, the new XJ will both play to the strengths of the 1967 original by offering segment-leading refinement and ride and look to the future by completely reinventing the classic Jaguar interior.

While the remainder of the piece goes on to stress that the strategy hasn’t been finalized, they level of detail at which it’s being discussed indicates this is no-back-of-napkin random idea. In August, the company announced a program to retrofit its iconic E-Types with electric powertrains derived from its all-electric I-Pace. Dubbed the E-Type Zero, these creations are a beautiful as you’d expect, and we hope to see other manufactures go this route, as we’d be thrilled to see our roads look like the ones from the movie Gattaca, which were populated classic Citroens, Jaguars and Buicks retrofitted with electric power.

If you’re looking to get into an electric Jaguar sooner rather than later, head to your AutoNation-affiliated Jaguar dealer to check out the I-Pace — we bet you’ll like what you see.

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