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Jaguar Says Electric Models Don’t Spell the End of Conventional XJ

Back in May, we wrote about how the production of the current Jaguar XJ is set to end next month, and that the next-generation of the storied sedan would likely be electric.

And while it does look like a totally green version is only the way, a new report from Automotive News indicates that the company’s I6 isn’t quite out of the picture yet. Here are the relative bits from the report:

The Jaguar XJ will launch first as an electric model with six-cylinder gasoline versions following later in the model cycle, a source close to the company said.Electric cars using the MLA platform will have a battery size of 90.2 kilowatt-hour to give a range of up to 470 km (292 miles), Rogers said in the presentation. The electric XJ would rival the Tesla Model S as well as the upcoming Porsche Taycan sedan and Audi’s e-tron GT, due in 2020.

If we had to bet? We’d say that any hybrid XJ would have both a model tuned for fuel economy, and another which will use the hybrid drivetrain to provide even more performance, akin to what BMW is currently developing for its hot rod M vehicles.

Now, we have to say the news that Jaguar will be offering a gas engine in the XJ comes as something of a surprise, as the company is moving quickly toward adopting green technology across its lineup. And in our opinion, the results so far have been superb. Here’s what Mike Musto wrote in the introduction to his review of the 2019 Jaguar I-Pace:

Meet the Jaguar I-Pace. Not a sedan or full-fledged crossover, this is the brand’s first all-electric offering, and seeks to impress the luxury crowd by marrying performance and eco-friendly technology. Importantly, this isn’t some hashed-together attempt at an electric vehicle, but a well thought out competitor that’s make prospective Tesla buyers study their options.

While he was impressed with the vehicle overall, it’s worth noting that Mike — who’d be happy with a stripped-down, purely analog interior — also had nice things to say about the tech-laden cabin, which you can read about in detail here.

At this point, we’re not sure exactly what an electric drivetrain will mean for the looks and performance of the iconic cat. But if you’re looking to add a big dose of British luxury to your life, head to your local AutoNation-affiliated Jaguar dealer today to check out everything they have to offer!


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