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The INFINITI Prototype 10 Just Debuted at Pebble Beach: Gallery

There’s not much we can say about the INFINITI Prototype 10 that we didn’t already say when we wrote about the teaser pics last week. There are still no details on what’s powering this silky, gorgeous, single seater, and as such, no performance specs. As we said before, the Prototype 10 is a designed primarily to show off the direction that INFINITI’s designers are headed, so its primary function is looking fantastic — and we think its doing one heck of a job.

While we don’t see any single-seat race cars showing up at your local AutoNation-affiliated INFINITI dealer in the near future, the design does incorporate some things that will, including a modular chassis — think a “skateboard design” similar to what Tesla uses —with a flat floor, and an electric powertrain. The steer-by-wire Direct Adaptive Steering system on the Prototype 10 is already available on the current Q60 Coupe and Q50 Sedan.

Starting in 2021, every INFINITI, be it a sports car or an SUV — or anything in between — will be either a hybrid or full-on electric vehicle. So this sleek single seater, which harks back to the golden era of motorsports, is testament to the fact that the company doesn’t intend to forget about the thrill of driving. We can’t wait to see how that translates to the next generation of vehicles. Enjoy the pictures.

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