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After Dropping Plans for 911 Hybrid, Porsche Drops Hints About 911 Hybrid

Porsche folks are a pretty particular bunch. There’s a huge contingent that remain upset that 911s are now water-cooled, and the dust still hasn’t settled from the “scrambled egg” headlights Stuttgart gave the 996 generation. The reason? Some aficionados thought they looked too much like the Boxster’s—and that was enough to reach for the pitchforks.

Now, in defense of that much-maligned model, we’d like to point out that automotive photographer extraordinaire Larry Chen bought one, which means it’s objectively beautiful. But the overall point here? It’s that 911 fans are notoriously resistant to change. So it’s reasonable to expect that the idea of a 911 hybrid might go over like a fork in a microwave.

And as recently as last year, we learned the plan for a hybrid 911 was off the table, via comments made by 911 program chief August Achleitner. At that point, weight seemed to be the big factor ditching electrification, but in the latest press release, Achleitner is singing a different tune. Just check out this section:

‘Two years ago I’d have said no way. Today I wouldn’t categorically rule it out,’ concedes the head of the model line. Just to preclude any misunderstandings: the Porsche 911, Type 992 is not an electric sports car. But it could be an option somewhere down the line. Achleitner describes his ongoing change of heart: ‘I drove the prototype of our coming electric sports car, the Mission E, and it was a very compelling experience. And the performance of the Porsche LMP race cars with hybrid drive systems is quite simply sensational.’

Sure, it’s not a “hell yes,” we’re going to make a hybrid 911. But we think it’s close enough. And we’d bet by the time this baby gets to market, it’ll deliver performance so spectacular that even folks who think gasoline fumes are an aphrodisiac will be convinced. For more about the latest 911, check out the full statement from Porsche, and to arrange a test drive of the iconic sports car, contact your local AutoNation-affiliated Porsche dealer.

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