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A Hotter Version of the Subaru WRX STI is Coming: Video

Last year, American Subaru fans were disappointed  when the company revealed that the high-performance version of the WRX STI, dubbed the WRX STI 208, would only be available in Subie’s home market of Japan. And while we don’t have any real specifics yet, it looks like Subaru is going to make amends in 2019, by way of a new trim spec called the 209.

According to our friends at AutoGuide, who broke the story yesterday, all signs point to the fact that this vehicle might be exclusive to the States. Even cooler? It might be an even better performer than 2017’s forbidden fruit. How’s that for good news?  Since the 208 only had 14 more horsepower than its brethren, we’re not expecting the 209 will boast any colossal power jumps. Rather, we expect to see aero improvements, suspension tweaks, and some weight savings, all of which should help make it more taut everywhere.

Even standard versions of the WRX are potent performers, and resident hot shoe Mike Musto absolutely loved the week he recently spent with the 2018 Type RA. So we expect any hot rod versions to be an absolute hoot to drive. Since we expect only about 500 or so examples to be available, drivers interested in scoring one should talk to their local AutoNation Subaru dealer sooner rather than later.

We expect to have full details on specs and availability after the WRX STI 209 makes its official debut at the Detroit Auto Show next month. Until then, check out the video below to get a taste of what Subaru is cooking…

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