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How Honda’s Odyssey is a Family’s Dream

If you have any-sized family (or maybe a whole bunch of friends), then I’m willing to bet that the Honda Odyssey would be the dream van for your family. With a tech-filled dashboard, second-row entertainment, and third-row conveniences, you’ll just love the 2016 Honda Odyssey.

2016 Honda Odyssey

Up-front Conveniences

The 2016 Honda Odyssey offers plenty of convenient features for the on-the-go family. Open and close either of the side sliding doors with the touch of a button on the keyfob or driver’s seat. A drop-down mirror in the center-roof structure offers a mirror to see what’s going on behind you and there’s also a built-in vacuum for quick cleanups after the small-ones head to school.


2016 Honda Odyssey

Creature comforts for All

While the front seat occupants get a Bluetooth-connected infotainment system and dual-zone climate control, the rear seat occupants get their own climate control and entertainment systems featuring an in-car DVD player, wireless headsets, and a remote control. Not only that, but parents can turn down the rear programming’s audio without having to yell “turn it down back there!” In the third-row seating area, there are connections for yellow-white-red inputs.


2016 Honda Odyssey

Sleek designs

The exterior and interior designs of minivans have come a long way since their inception years ago. Gone are the space-age designs, replaced with modern, swooping lines, sharp points and chrome or LED accents. Windows that once only popped out for a hoped-for breeze now roll down all the way, providing ample windflow for all passengers.


2016 Honda Odyssey

Powerful engine

The 2016 Honda Odyssey is no slouch, either. It’s powered by a standard V6 engine capable of 248 horsepower and 250-lb.ft. of torque. Variable-cylinder management and an Eco-Assist system ensure that you’re eco-friendly while motoring around in this impressively sized minivan.


2016 Honda Odyssey

Safety is standard

A slew of safety features will also keep you and your occupants safe at all times. Honda safety features include airbags, the rearview camera, and more. Higher model trims also come with lane keep assist, lane departure warnings, forward collision warning, and more.

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With premium comforts, technological connectivity, and powerful propulsion, this stylish and safe minivan can be your family dream machine. To test out the 2016 Honda Odyssey, please call or visit your local AutoNation Honda dealership today!


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