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Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Mix and Match Tires: Video

At this point, it seems like everyone who drives a car even occasionally knows the importance of an oil change. It’s one of the most basic forms of vehicular upkeep, and one that’s likely been drilled into your head before you even took your driver’s test. But tires are another system on your car that need attention, and what kind of rubber you’re rocking can have a dramatic impact on everything from stopping distance, to cornering, to fuel economy.

Yup, they’re all round and black. And if they’re doing their job, lots of well-meaning folks tend to not to think about them at all. So that’s why periodically, we like to highlight videos which stress the importance having good tires on your vehicle, like we did back in January, where we posted a video which showed just how dramatically different winter tires perform in icy conditions.

For this installment, we’re taking a look at how running mismatched tires can change ability of your vehicle to respond in a variety of situations. Now, there are are plenty of reasons why people end up with mismatched tires. But while it might save a few pennies, we’re going to turn to our friends over at Tyre Reviews to show why it’s a bad idea. So don’t just take it from us — have a look and see for yourself.

Of course, if you’ve got any questions about whether you’re running the right tires on your vehicle, swing through your local AutoNation dealer today! The expert techs there will take a look to make sure you’re at the right pressure, and will also be able to recommend a set that will best meet your driving needs!

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