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Here’s the First Official Shot of the New Lexus UX

We didn’t think we’d get to see shots of the new Lexus UX until it was unveiled at the Geneva Auto Show next week. But Lexus has decided to jump the gun and show off its new “urban crossover” before all the media peeps converge in Switzerland—and that’s just fine with us.

Lexus UX

Of course, it’s not the first we’ve see of Lexus UX, as another teaser shot—which showed off the Cylon-esque rear end—dropped a week ago, but it’s given us the best look yet at what we should expect to see when it arrives at your local AutoNation-affiliated Lexus dealership. Of course, it’s worth mentioning that at this point, it’s not guaranteed that this latest Lexus will actually be available on our shores, as it was designed primarily for the European and Chinese markets. But given the red-hot state of the crossover market in the States? We’d be surprised if the UX didn’t make its way here, as Lexus will likely sell them as fast as they can get them off the production line.

Right now, there’s no info on exactly what will be under the hood here, and no images of the interior are available. One thing that’s obvious, even from the limited images we have, is that Lexus hasn’t suddenly fallen back to its old strategy of playing it safe. The fenders are almost Nissan Juke-level pronounced, and the massive spindle grille makes it immediately obvious that you’re looking at a Lexus. We’re actually still on the fence about the plastic accents in the wheel wells, but if the sheet metal here is anything like the rest of the modern Lexus lineup, there will be plenty of accents and sexy detail along the body.

We’ll have more pics of the new Lexus UX after the official reveal, but until then, check out the teaser and concept pics!

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