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The Genesis Essentia Concept Stuns at New York Auto Show

* All-electric Genesis Essentia Concept previews direction of Genesis design
* Bugatti Chiron designer Sasha Selipanov led design team
* Built around ultra lightweight carbon-fiber monocoque
* Estimated 0-to-60 time of 3.0 seconds
* Envisioned as the grand touring car of the future

The bad news is that the Genesis Essentia Concept is just that, a concept. And while the press release describes taking it on a weekend jaunt with “no destination in mind,” and goes on at length about all kinds of crazy next-gen tech — “biometric facial recognition,” “driver mood determination” — there’s virtually no chance we’ll ever even see this machine move under its own power.

But that’s OK. Because the fact that something this beautiful exists outside of a rendering is cause for celebration, and portends great things for the future of the Genesis brand. Seriously. Just look at it. Good heavens. We kind of want to cry a little.

A masterful use of mixed materials and gorgeous color combinations make the cabin as stunning as the exterior, and we hope we see what Genesis describes as “elegant de-cluttering” make its way down to production cars, as it’s simply hypnotic here.

Concept cars are basically made to break hearts, but we’d sincerely love to see something like the Essentia Concept make its way to our local AutoNation-affiliated Genesis dealer at some point. Cross your fingers.

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