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Check Out a New Teaser Image of Ford’s Baby Bronco

First off, this teaser pic isn’t the 2020 Bronco, it’s what’s being referred to as the Baby Bronco. But that’s news too! And for fans of Ford’s iconic rig, the last couple of days have seen some exciting developments.

For details, we’re going to turn to our friends from Bronco6G, which has been the source of most of the news we’ve seen spread across various automotive blogs. Most of the recent info seems to have come out of a recent Ford dealer meeting in Las Vegas, where the attendees were given an advance look at the Bronco’s smaller sibling, and treated to some details about what we can expect regarding the Bronco in the next few years. At this point, we should stress than none of this info has been confirmed by Ford, but that said, there’s nothing that seems totally outrageous, so we’re inclined to think whoever has been feeding info to the next-gen forum is actually in a position to garner intelligence.

Most importantly, it sounds like the Bronco won’t be just a single model, but a sub-brand, which will feature both the full-size Bronco, and the Baby Bronco, which will compete with the Jeep Renegade. You can see how the Baby Bronco will compare in size to its larger sibling in this image from the event, which shows it in front of a shadow that doesn’t match its exterior lines, but matches the one from this recent teaser. Pretty clever, huh?

new Bronco teaser

One thing we’ve been wondering about is whether there will be a Raptor Bronco, and there’s been no real news of that possibility of late. We do know that there are no plans to bring the Ranger Raptor to the States, and can kind of see how Ford doesn’t want to pull buyers away from full-size Raptors. but given that the Raptor and the Bronco are very different vehicles, we’re still holding out hope it’ll happen.

In any case, we think we’re likely to see a reveal of the Raptor at the Detroit Auto Show early next year. In the meantime, head to your local AutoNation Ford dealer to explore everything they have to offer — or to just put yourself on the list for the 2020 Bronco.

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