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Ford Will Have to Shut Down F-150 Production

Yup, you read that right. Right now, the Blue Oval is looking at having to shut down production of it’s number one money maker, the legendary Ford F-150. So it’s safe to say nobody in Dearborn is happy right now — especially not the roughly 8000 workers expected to be idled by the temporary move. Details come from our friends over at the Detroit Free Press.

While it hardly matters as far as the bottom line is concerned, the stop in production isn’t Ford’s fault, but rather comes in the wake of a fire at Meridian Magnesium Products, which supplies key components — like the structural bridge behind the dashboards — required for assembly of the nation’s best-selling vehicle. The fire at the plant was reportedly one of the most intense the town had ever seen, as along with being light and strong, the element also tends to burn hot. So it apparently made putting out a blaze at a fireworks factory seem like dousing a campfire in comparison.

Here’s what UAW representative Burkie Morris sent to folks set to be impacted by the production stop:

“The company has informed us that we have enough parts to build vehicles through Thursday. The company is meeting continuously to find a solution to replace and manufacturer (sic) parts that were lost due to the fire at Meridian. According to the company, at some point we will have an interruption in production. At this time, the company doesn’t know for sure when or for how long we will be down. As a result of the fire, there is a great deal of uncertainty in our production schedule at DTP. Adjustments and changes are being made hour by hour as the company is engaged in getting the parts needed to maintain our normal production schedule.”

Obviously, this situation is still developing, and we’ll likely have more details soon. But if you were looking to pick up an F-150 for some summer fun? It’d be a good idea to head to your local AutoNation Ford dealer, before they’re fresh out of trucks.

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