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Next Generation of Design: Ford Reveals Gravity Sketch

Lately, Ford has been in the headlines for radically shifting its lineup away from traditional cars to focus on crossovers, SUVs, and trucks. And late last month, the company announced a $500m investment in electric pickup maker Rivian, which means we’ll likely see an electric F-150 sooner rather than later.

Another way that we’re seeing the Blue Oval’s laser focus on the future comes by way of the new Gravity Sketch design tool, which will allow designers to compose and collaborate in ways which have been impossible in the past.

You can watch the video below for a full demonstration, but here’s a description of the tech straight from the official press release:

Gravity Sketch allows designers to speed the process from weeks to hours, skipping the 2D stage and working with a 3D model from the beginning. Through Co-Creation, a designer can transfer to another designer’s point of view within virtual reality to see from his or her perspective. This is especially helpful when training other designers in Gravity Sketch.

Across five global Ford design studios, dozens of interior and exterior designers are now experimenting with Gravity Sketch for workflow feasibility and its capability for real-time co-creation and collaboration. Shifting to a model that designs and evaluates in virtual reality could revolutionize the entire process by drastically reducing development time and allowing for more 3D representations in the evaluation stage.

At the Detroit Auto Show in 2015, Ford wowed audiences by revealing the all-new GT, which was designed in total secrecy, and went on to dominate at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Given what the designers and engineers were able to accomplish with traditional methods, we’re beyond excited to see what’s possible with next-generation tech like Gravity Sketch.

Of course, there’s also plenty of cutting edge hardware at your local AutoNation Ford dealer, so if you haven’t “driven a Ford lately,” swing by and pay them a visit!

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