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Ford is Bringing the Ranger Raptor to Europe: Video

Today we learned that Ford is bringing the Ranger Raptor to Europe, and for Europe, that’s great. Of course, we’re still wondering when the Blue Oval is going to let its fans in the United States that they’ll be able to get a Ranger Raptor too!

Because as we’ve said before, it sure looks like it’s going to happen. The latest indication that it’s only a matter of time came just last week, when an Australian patent filing showed a Ranger with a couple of elements the overseas version of the Ranger Raptor doesn’t have. That led plenty of folks, including AutoNation Drive, to speculate the patent drawing showed the American-spec version. And for the record, we stand by it.

We’ve already seen an new Ranger Raptor on the road in Detroit, and honestly, and we think it’d be silly for Ford to hold the hottest version of the Ranger back from truck-obsessed Americans. After all, this isn’t some hot hatch like the Focus RS, which was designed for the twisty little roads of the Old Country — this is a pickup truck! It’s as American as vehicles get, and when the Ranger Raptor arrives at your local AutoNation Ford dealer, it’s going to fly off the showroom floor.

At this point, the most “official” word from Ford is that we’ll know about U.S. availability “by 2035,” which kind of seems like a joke. So we think we’ll know long before then. In the meantime, check out the latest video of the Ranger Raptor tearing it up, and see if you can help us make sense of the YouTube description on the clip: “The New Ford Ranger Raptor is the toughest, highest performing version of Ford’s best pick-up. And it’s coming to Europe. See it in explosive action.”

Now, maybe it’s just us, but “Ford’s best pickup” seems a little curious.” Has Ford Europe forgotten about a little rig called the F-150?

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