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SEMA Flashback: Off-Road Rigs and Drag Strip Terrors From FCA

The 2019 SEMA show runs from November 5th to the 8th, in Las Vegas. We’ll be on the ground with full coverage once the show starts, but until then, check out some of the vehicles were on display last year!

One of things that a lot of folks look forward to about SEMA is the chance to check out all the concepts from the Easter Jeep Safari in person, and Ma Mopar didn’t disappoint. While they’re all pretty awesome rigs, we really dig the Wagoneer Roadtrip. This has always been one of our favorite generation of the four-door Jeeps, and here the mint green paint and off-white bumpers and wheels really complement the classic lines. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the original mill has been swapped for a beefy new 5.7-liter V8, and that Dana axles make sure it’ll transverse even the trickiest terrain with ease.

That said, we also love the look of the Nacho Jeep, with its wicked-cool tube-frame doors, and the red and white Jeepster. These concepts really show just how easy it is to modify your Jeep!

While a bunch of the booth space was dedicated to off-road weapons, there were still plenty of pavement-scorching performance machines on hard.  And even among all the hot hardware on the show floor, the Little Dead Wagon had no trouble standing out. Built by the Graveyard Carz team for the Velocity television show, this dragstrip demolishing machine was built as an homage to Bill Maverick’s legendary Little Red Wagon, and features a supercharged 426 cubic-inch Hemi engine. While there weren’t any performance figures listed, those giant Hoosier drag slicks mean it won’t take this baby long to shoot down the quarter mile.

Check out the photos below to see everything Ma Mopar brought to the show, and if you like what you see, head to your local AutoNation FCA dealer to start scoping out your next ride!

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