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The Electric Porsche Taycan Delivered a Blistering Ring Time: Video

The Porsche Taycan might be electric, but it’s still a Porsche, and this wicked-quick trip around the famed Nurburgring proves it. We’ve already seen the Taycan perform multiple launches from zero to over 124 mph, and this week Porsche took it to the infamous German track to see how it performed on the long, twisting circuit known as the Green Hell.

The result somewhat predictable, in that there’s now a new record for an all-electric production car.

With factory driver Lars Kern at the help, the electric sedan was able to lap the 12.8-mile course in seven minutes, 42 seconds, and while that’s not exactly the blistering six minutes and 47 seconds the company’s weapons-grade 911 GT2 RS was able to accomplish, it’s a fantastic achievement that ushers in a new era of green performance.

While the livery it’s sporting gives us a pretty good idea of how the production version will look, we still haven’t seen official photos of the final sheet metal, and we haven’t gotten the official numbers yet. That will have to wait until September 4th, at the official reveal. But if the rumors are correct, the Taycan will be packing north of 600 horsepower, pump the power to all four corners, and have up to a 300-mile range.

Obviously, we’ll be posting all the details about this new super sedan just as soon as they’re available. But until then, watch the video to ride along on this history-making lap of Germany’s notorious speed metric, as it’s sure to please fans of Porsches, electric cars, and everyone in between.

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