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New Era: Here’s What the All-Electric Jaguar I-Pace Will Sound Like

While it’s been talked about for decades, it’s finally happening — electric cars are going mainstream. It’s an exciting development, as there are promising performance benefits which come along with the lesser environmental impact. But with new technology comes new challenges, and one of them is how pedestrians, and specifically visually impaired people, will be able to recognize a vehicle is present. Because one of the benefits of electric cars is their near-silent operation, and we’ve been conditioned to expect that cars will make noise. As you’d expect, requirements are on the way, but Jaguar is running ahead of the curve, and the company just debuted a new system that’ll make sure people will know when its all-electric I-Pace is nearby.

Dubbed the Audible Vehicle Alert System, the tech has been met with enthusiasm from the United Kingdom’s Guide Dogs Charity, and will audible when the I-Pace is traveling at under 12 mph. While we’d have been happy if the soundtrack was just a recording of the F-Type’s bark-like pops and crackles, the developers unsurprisingly went in a different direction. We hear the whirling of George Jetson’s flying car, and think it lends a whimsical, futuristic sound befitting the forward-looking I-Pace.

Since it’s a safety feature, drivers won’t have the option of disabling it, though unlike some of other faux-performance active noise systems, it won’t be artificially transferred into the cabin. At this point, there’s no word whether the system will be installed on the company’s deliriously gorgeous electric E-Type conversions, but we think it’d be a good idea. It might be the only way those cars could actually be made cooler.

Check out the video below to listen to the sound of the new I-Pace, and if you like what you see, and hear, head to you local AutoNation-affiliated Jaguar dealership to experience it in person!

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