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The eCOPO Camaro is the Electric Drag Car of the Future: Video

In the drag racing community, the COPO Camaro is a legendary beast. It’s a purpose-built drag strip terror, and so hardcore, it’s not even legal to drive on the street. This year, the mighty machine is celebrating it 50th Anniversary, and while racers are ordering versions packing the 427 LSX engine, Chevy brought a surprise to last year’s SEMA show, in the form of the eCOPO Camaro.

As you might guess from the “e” in the name, power here comes from electricity, not internal combustion. Together, those motors produce 800 horsepower and 634 pound-feet of torque, which is enough to make the eCOPO lift its wheels in this video. It’s the first recorded pass, and the vicious green machine lays down a time in the low ten-second range. Like any proper drag car, getting it dialed in will be half the trick, so we’re expecting to see it dip into the nines in the next few months.

But while the quick time is certainly cool, the potential for the electric drivetrain is even cooler, as it’ll bolt up to a number of General Motor’s stock transmissions. That means that one day, there could be a electric crate motor option, so enthusiasts could transform their classics into zero-emission cars. How cool is that?

While you can’t get a Chevy eCOPO at your local AutoNation dealership, the Volt and the Bolt EV are ready to test drive. So if you’re looking to add an electric car to your fleet, drop by and seen them!

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