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Closing Window: Don’t Wait if You Want to Order a C7 Corvette

After generations of rumors and speculation, Chevy has confirmed that it is indeed preparing to launch a mid-engine Corvette. The eagerly awaited reveal will happen July 18th, in Southern California, but before the wraps come off, there’s another, more bittersweet, milestone we’re about to hit.

Because the deadline to order a C7 Corvette is June 23rd — just over a week away.

And while the next-generation Vette is sure to be a beast, it’s safe to say that seventh generation went out with a bang. Just read why our resident hot shoe Mike Musto had to say about it when he drove it at Georgia’s Road Atlanta:

There are very few cars out there able to generate the levels of excitement and pure adrenaline-filled hilarity that comes with the new ZR1. On the open road, the configurable suspension system means that it’s capable of going toe-to-toe with some of the best grand touring coupes in production. And on the track? Well, that’s a different story entirely — as the new ZR1 is unquestionably one of the fastest and most impressive supercars in the world.

You can read Musto’s full review here, and given the amount of praise he heaps on it, we simply can’t imagine how good the C8 will be.

So it should go without saying that if  you want to configure the last of the front-engine Corvettes exactly to your specifications? Don’t delay. Head down to your local AutoNation Chevy dealer, and put your order in — before this era of America’s Sports Car comes to a close forever.

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