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Dai Yoshihara Drives Stock Toyota Supra at Buttonwillow: Video

So far, the reviewers who have been lucky enough to drive the new Toyota Supra have given it loads of praise.

But professional drivers, by nature of their profession, tend to be a lot more critical when tasked with evaluating a hot bit of kit. So we were curious to see what drift virtuoso Dai Yoshihara thinks of machine, when he got the opportunity test it at Southern California’s Buttonwillow Raceway.

For those unfamiliar with Yoshihara, he’s a master of car control, and has been a fixture on the organized drifting scene since the inception of series like D1 and Formula Drift. In 2011 he was crowned Formula D champion.

Now, it’s important to note that the example Yoshihara drives in this video is a completely unmodified stock example. So when he talks about how the car exhibits some body roll in the corners, that’s to be expected. Because major manufacturers like Toyota have to design vehicles for the public roads where they’re going to spend the lion’s share of their time. Not smooth pavement and high speeds corners of a race track like Buttonwillow.

That said? It’s worth nothing that independent tests have already shown that the new Supra is putting out more than the 335 horsepower and 365 lb-ft of torque that the spec sheet says it has. Both the dyno runs we wrote about back in June — performed by both Motor Trend and Car and Driver — showed the Supra of putting down more poke than the official numbers at the wheels.

For those unfamiliar with how dyno tests work, it’s generally expected that a car like the Supra will lose between ten and 15% through the drivetrain. So that’s great news.

Watch the video to see a truly hot shoe put the new Supra through the paces. And if you’re looking to secure your very own example of this legendary sports coupe, head over to your local AutoNation Toyota dealer today. After a test drive, we bet you’ll be just as impressed as Yoshihara was with this thrilling new performance machine!

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