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Looking for a Minivan? The Chrysler Pacifica Should be on Your List

Right now, the crossover is king. But years ago, when families went looking for practical people movers, a minivan was what they considered first — and there’s a great reason for that. Minivans have a ton of space, innovative, family-friendly features, impressive fuel economy, and if you option them right, loads of luxury. In 2019, they segment is a good as it’s ever been, and the Chrysler Pacifica — in all its forms — is one of the best on the market.

For the record, we’re big fans of tiny sports cars with manual transmissions, and we’re still unapologetic fans of the minivan. And we’re not alone.

Even our resident hot shoe Mike Musto is a fan, and this is a guy who’s spent the better part of his adult life punishing the tires on hot kit like the Dodge Hellcat, Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio, and Corvette ZR1. But when he got a chance to test out the Pacifica Plug-In Hybrid? He loved it:

The Pacifica Hybrid accelerates with authority and handles beautifully, thanks to a low center of gravity. When it’s time to hit the brakes, it stops confidently, and without a hint of drama. Charging is as simple as plugging into either a standard 120v home outlet or 240v Level 2 charge station. Once on the road, the Pacifica is a joy to drive, thanks to great outward visibility and a very quiet cabin.

You can read his full review here, and you should also check out the video from our friends over at TheStraightPipes, as they just posted a great video showing off all the Pacifica’s best features.

So there you have it, two great reviews of an awesome minivan that’s flying under the radar! To experience all luxury and functionality of the Chrysler Pacifica, head to your local AutoNation Chrysler dealer today!

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