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Checklist for Summer-Time Travel

It’s summer and before you head out for your road trip you should prepare for the travel season! There’s plenty to do, from ensuring your car is in tip-top shape to having the technology you need for long trips. Here’s our checklist for summer-time travel.


Pre-Summer Tune-up

Sometimes it’s easiest to time your yearly maintenance with the seasons. Getting your tires rotated, your brakes inspected, and a summer-weight oil into your vehicle are all great ideas for pre-summer travel. It’s also a good idea to have a trained professional check up on your vehicle, just like you get a yearly checkup from your doctor!

If you don’t know your way around your engine bay on your own, schedule your service at your local AutoNation Service Department.


Pre-Summer Clean up

Before you hit the roads, it’s a good idea to clean the inside and outside of your vehicle. You won’t need that extra-heavy snow jacket in your trunk anymore, nor the set of tire chains in there.

It’s a good idea to swap out the seasonal items in your trunk. This ensures that you have a moment to inspect some of the items you utilize often or on an as-needed basis, such as winter tire chains or your emergency kit.


Maps or GPS

Before you head out onto the road, ensure you have some sort of navigation. While maps and external GPS are handy, an integrated navigation system will offer you the most control and convenience.

An internal navigation unit will be tied into your car’s infotainment system and offer many more functions than external GPS, and definitely more than maps. Depending on the model chosen, you may even be able to integrate your navigation with information on your Bluetooth-connected telephone. Your local AutoNation retailer can help you find a vehicle equipped with integrated navigation.


Make an Actual Checklist

Summer is short and there’s always so much that you could do. To help you find the time to do it all make an actual checklist of the things you can’t live without this summer. Have you ever wanted to watch the stars from the beach with friends or taking a kayak trip down a local river?

No matter what you want to do, write it down on a Summer Checklist to ensure you complete everything you want to do this summer!


Explore New Horizons

A fun way to tie the previous checklist idea to new adventures it to create a pin-map of the places you’ve already been. If you’ve already been to all the local recreational areas, why not complete your checklist idea in a new place? If you wanted to have a bonfire on a beach, why not try it at a new one?

This is also a great way spread tourism to areas that may not see as many season travelers as other, more popular, destinations.


Keeping Kids Occupied While Driving

When you’re traveling with children, they’re bound to get bored. This may lead to complaining that you may not want to deal with. You can preempt this by purchasing an in-car entertainment system for rear-seat passengers, or purchase a new one with this technology pre-installed.

Newer entertainment systems will offer the ability to watch videos, connect to video game consoles, and more, ensuring that your rear-seat passengers won’t be complaining about a lack of things to do! If you’d like to look at vehicles that have entertainment systems for rear-seat passengers already installed, please call or visit your local AutoNation retailer today!

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