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Check Out the First Episode of Jeep Wrangler Celebrity Customs

One our favorite — unofficial — automotive acronyms is “Just Enough Essential Parts.” Because while the modern JL Jeep can be had with all kinds of creature comforts, like heated seats, for example, it speaks to the tough, go-anywhere spirit that still defines the brand.

After all, can you name another company that makes a vehicle where the doors are designed to come off, and the windshield is designed to fold down? We didn’t think so. In fact, one of the changes to the latest generation makes it even easier to get that wind-in-your-hair feeling, as the engineers thought it was slightly inconvenient to do it on previous models. And that’s just impossibly cool.

But as we know, not everyone agrees on what essential means, which means if you see a Jeep rolling down the street? It’s likely the owner added — or removed — some elements to make it their own. On that note, Jeep has just kicked off an new video series where three celebrity teams will face off and see which one can create the coolest JL. Fittingly, it’s called Jeep Wrangler Celebrity Customs. Here’s who’s playing:

* Alex Rodriguez and West Coast Customs
* Maria Menounos and DCD Customs
* Andrew Steinthal and Chris Stang (Founders of Infatuation) and AutoCraft

The six-part series will be hosted by ESPN sports analyst Jalen Rose, and runs through September 27th. At this point, we’re not sure how the contest will be judged — but we can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with. If you’re looking at heading to your local AutoNation Jeep dealer to pick up a rig of your own, this series should make for some potent inspiration. Watch the first episode of Jeep Wrangler Celebrity Customs below!

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