2017 Lexus NX200t F Sport Featured Lexus Videos 

The Lexus NX200t F Sport is Sharp and Versatile: Video

With the RX, Lexus essentially invented the luxury crossover segment, and when it came time to enter compact area of the segment, Lexus again wanted to set the bar. The result was the NX, and along with styling which looked barely changed from the sharp, sexy, LF-NX concept, the production version also marked a first for Lexus, in that it was the marque’s first turbocharged model. If you’re in the market, the Lexus NX200t F Sport makes a compelling argument to be your next versatile daily driver. But along with…

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2018 Nissan Pathfinder Platinum Automotive News Featured Nissan Videos 

2018 Nissan Pathfinder Platinum Review: Video

While the first incarnations of Nissan’s long running SUV were more geared toward off-road adventures, the 2018 Nissan Pathfinder Platinum is adapted for the urban jungle. It’s a smart move for Nissan, as even hardcore machines like the Land Rover Discovery or Toyota Land Cruiser aren’t generally tasked with tackling anything more trying than the occasional snow day and grocery store parking lot. So while folks looking to bash down forest roads or brave the rocky trails of the Moab desert might want to opt for something more purpose built,…

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BMW M550i xDrive Automotive News Featured Videos 

2018 BMW M550i xDrive Review: Video

Years ago, large luxury sedans didn’t have any sporting pretensions. The land yachts of yore had floaty suspensions and turned with all the alacrity of an aircraft carrier, and that was fine for most manufacturers. But not BMW. Upon its introduction, the company’s M5 essentially flipped the script on what a sedan could be, in that it was comfortable cruiser one moment, and a corner-carving beast the second. And while the 2018 BMW M550i XDrive isn’t the most potent version of the 5 Series, that’s still the M5, it remains a…

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2018 Lincoln Navigator Automotive News Featured Videos 

He’s Back: Matthew McConaughey in New 2018 Lincoln Navigator Spot

While the spots have been nothing if say, unconventional, the Lincoln ads featuring Matthew McConaughey have been unmitigated hits. After his initial efforts—featuring the MKC crossover—began airing in 2014, sales spiked dramatically, and now, the lanky Texan who turned “alright, alright, alright” into an internationally known synonym for himself is back in a new pitch for the 2018 Lincoln Navigator. As expected, it’s about as straightforward as a curveball in the dark. The Academy Award-winning actor has no dialog, there’s no description of the luxury SUV’s luxurious appointments, and the…

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2018 Nissan 370Z Heritage Edition Automotive News Featured Videos 

The 2018 Nissan 370Z Heritage Edition is Proper Fun: Video

Aside from a period between 2000 and 2002, Nissan has been producing its legendary Z car for nearly 50 years. It’s a huge legacy, and when the company brought the first incarnation to our shores—as the Datsun 240Z—it revolutionized how a generation of enthusiasts thought about Japanese cars, and today, cherry examples fetch impressive prices. So we were stoked to get our hands on the 370Z Heritage Edition, and it’s safe to say it didn’t disappoint. Now, to be fair, it’s also safe to say there haven’t been significant mechanical…

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