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Safest Crossovers in America: Five Options With Great Standard Safety Tech

In 2019, safety means more than air bags, crumple zones, and even formerly cutting-edge systems like anti-lock brakes or traction control. And today, most major manufacturers offer a full suite of safety technology, including Forward Collision Warning, Auto-Braking, Lane-Departure Warning, Lane-Keeping Assist, Blind-Spot Warning, and Rear-Cross Traffic Alert. The catch is that most brands don’t make this technology standard, and only include it with pricey option packages. So for our Safest Crossovers in America feature, the editors at AutoNation Drive wanted to highlight some mainstream crossovers where each of those…

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Winter Driving Automotive News Featured Head to Heads & Advice 

Winter Driving Tips From Consumer Reports: Video

Right now, if seems like the entire country is dealing with extreme weather, with even generally mild places like Seattle seeing record snowfall. And while winter driving can be challenging, following a couple of simple rules can keep you safe if you need to venture out into a winter. Fortunately, our friends over at Consumer Reports have put together a great video which explains them all. And they also just posted an informative article about all the areas of your car you should keep clean, so all your vehicle’s driver…

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How to Winterize Your Car Featured Head to Heads & Advice 

How to Winterize Your Car: Top Tips from the Experts

Whether we’re talking about travel, major purchases, or holiday shopping, it’s always good to prepare in advance. And when we’re talking about extreme weather conditions? That goes double. Just as you’ve begun rotating your heavy winter clothes and coats back into your wardrobe, you should also winterize your car, as it’s also susceptible to the season’s frosty conditions. Fortunately, it doesn’t take much to keep your vehicle road-worthy and safe during the darkest days of the year. Check out these simple tips on how to winterize your car, and if…

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Here’s Why You Should Consider Winter Tires: Video

Last week, we ran posts about how to drive safely in snow, and how to properly winterize your car. In both of them, we mentioned that if you live in a place where you’re going to have to deal with snow, you should really consider switching over to a set of proper winter tires for the season. And as you can tell from the title of this post, we obviously stand by that advice? That said, we just stumbled across the great video from our friends at Tire Rack, who…

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