Don't Mix and Match Tires Automotive News Featured Head to Heads & Advice 

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Mix and Match Tires: Video

At this point, it seems like everyone who drives a car even occasionally knows the importance of an oil change. It’s one of the most basic forms of vehicular upkeep, and one that’s likely been drilled into your head before you even took your driver’s test. But tires are another system on your car that need attention, and what kind of rubber you’re rocking can have a dramatic impact on everything from stopping distance, to cornering, to fuel economy. Yup, they’re all round and black. And if they’re doing their…

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Lexus LS 500 vs Mercedes S 560 Featured Head to Heads & Advice Lexus Mercedes-Benz 

Lexus LS 500 vs Mercedes S 560: Which Luxury Sedan is Best?

It’s time for this week’s video: Lexus LS 500 vs Mercedes S 560! In this corner, we have the Lexus LS 500. It’s latest incarnation of the luxury sedan Lexus challenged Germany with three decades ago, and it gets a long awaited update for 2019. Next, we have the Mercedes S 560. A rolling illustration of German opulence, and an undisputed benchmark in the automotive world, this year’s model arrives mostly unchanged. Both the Lexus and Mercedes are excellent competitors in the high-end luxury segment, so let’s take a look…

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2020 Toyota Corolla vs 2019 Toyota Corolla Featured Head to Heads & Advice Toyota 

2020 Toyota Corolla vs 2019 Toyota Corolla: What’s the Difference?

This week is a bit of a family feud: 2020 Toyota Corolla vs 2019 Toyota Corolla. Think of it kind of like Thanksgiving dinner — but with cars. So if you’re looking to decide whether you should buy a used or new model of Toyota’s sensible compact, stay tuned as we compare the engines, cabins, infotainment, and price. Of course, you shouldn’t buy a car without a through test drive. If you want to experience the differences for yourself, head to your local AutoNation Toyota dealer today. Full text of…

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Bronco Pickup Automotive News Featured Head to Heads & Advice 

New Report Says Ford is Readying a Bronco Pickup

We’re still waiting for the full specs on Ford’s next-generation Bronco, but a new report says a Bronco pickup might also be on the way. News of the development comes from our friends at Automobile and AutoForecast Solutions, and if they’re correct, we could see a Bronco pickup as soon as the 2022 model year. The vehicle would be squarely aimed at the new Jeep Gladiator, which has been a hit with both fans and the automotive press. Like all reports of this nature, it should be taken with a…

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Genesis G70 vs Lexus ES Featured Head to Heads & Advice Hyundai Lexus 

Genesis G70 vs Lexus ES: Which Sporty Sedan is Best for You?

It’s Wednesday, so that means it’s time for another video comparison. This time, it’s Genesis G70 vs Lexus ES. In this corner, we have the Genesis G70. It’s the latest addition to Hyundai’s luxury brand, which became a separate entity is 2015. It’s all-new for this year. Next, we have the Lexus ES. It’s Lexus’ offering in the mid-size luxury sedan segment, and along with a full redesign, it has a new trim level for 2019. Both the Genesis and Lexus are great options for luxury buyers, so let’s take…

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