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The INFINITI Prototype 10 Just Debuted at Pebble Beach: Gallery

There’s not much we can say about the INFINITI Prototype 10 that we didn’t already say when we wrote about the teaser pics last week. There are still no details on what’s powering this silky, gorgeous, single seater, and as such, no performance specs. As we said before, the Prototype 10 is a designed primarily to show off the direction that INFINITI’s designers are headed, so its primary function is looking fantastic — and we think its doing one heck of a job. While we don’t see any single-seat race…

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INFINITI Pebble Beach Automotive News Featured INFINITI 

INFINITI is Bringing a Single-Seat Electric Concept to Pebble Beach

There’s not a ton to go on in the teaser pics INFINITI released of the Prototype 10 concept the company is bringing to the famed Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance later this month. [Updated: we just posted a full rendering ] But fittingly, design chief Karim Habib said it represents the future of the marque, noting that the company’s forthcoming “electrified cars will be powerful, efficient, and a joy to drive, and the new concept is a physical representation of our electrified performance future.” That said, if it’s anything like the…

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Featured INFINITI Test Drive Reviews 

2019 INFINITI QX50 Essential AWD Test Drive Review

The 2019 INFINITI QX50 is the meeting of evolution and revolution. As the newest version of INFINTI’s mid-size luxury crossover, the 2019 QX50 features many of the things you’d expect in a re-designed and re-engineered model. It’s new from the ground up, featuring a platform made out of Super High Formability (SHF) high-tensile steel – a first for the automotive industry, according to INFINITI. Thanks to that innovative material, the new QX50’s underpinnings are 23 percent more rigid than those of the outgoing QX50, which means the 2019 model is…

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Infiniti QX80 Featured INFINITI Test Drive Reviews 

INFINITI QX80 Limited Test Drive Review

In the middle of November 2017, INFINITI dropped a new upgraded version of their flagship QX80 SUV. With a striking new design that now matches the rest of the INFINITI lineup, the new QX80 received a much-needed refresh that it was hungry piping. Well, we recently test drove the INFINITI QX80 and thought we’d take a closer look at INFINITI’s giant behemoth. The INFINITI QX80 is the brand’s answer to other large luxury SUVs like the Cadillac Escalade, Mercedes-Benz GLS, and Lincoln Navigator. The large INFINITI can accelerate instantly and…

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2018 Infiniti Q70 5.6 Featured INFINITI Test Drive Reviews 

2018 Infiniti Q70 5.6 Test Drive Review

If you take a look at the 2018 INFINITI Q70 alongside its competitors, you might think that the flagship INFINITI sedan is getting a bit outdated. However, when you park it next to the likes of the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class, Audi A7, Cadillac CTS, the INFINITI Q70 stands out from the crowd with its sleek exterior design language. With that in mind, it can be said that the INFINITI Q70 has always been very progressive when it comes to exterior styling. But what about the powertrain, tech, and the interior?…

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