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Here’s the Prototype Urban EV Honda is Bringing to Geneva

So is the Urban EV prototype Honda is bringing to the Geneva Motor Show cute as a button, or what?  In case you were wondering, that’s a rhetorical question, because the cute here is off the charts. Now, it’s not the first time we’ve seen a version of Honda’s Urban EV, as there was another adorable take on it at the Frankfurt Motor Show back in 2017. You can see that pint-sized commuter in the video below, but the model slated to debut next month is reportedly far more ready…

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2019 Honda Insight Featured Honda Test Drive Reviews 

Third Time’s The Charm: 2019 Honda Insight Review

It’s been 20 years since Honda launched the Honda Insight, which holds the honor of being the first gas-electric hybrid vehicle in the U.S. The all-new 2019 Honda Insight will be Honda’s fourth dedicated hybrid model in the U.S. (after the first- and second-gen Insight and the CR-Z), and it takes a far more traditional approach than its predecessors. This, in large part, is thanks to the fact that the Insight is now based off the current tenth-generation Honda Civic (and produced at the same Greensburg, Indiana assembly plant), but…

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2019 Honda Civic Type R Featured Honda Test Drive Reviews 

Spectacular Hot Hatch: 2019 Honda Civic Type R Test Drive

For as long as we can remember, we’ve always hoped that the Honda Civic Type R would come to the United States. Well, it’s finally here and we decided to give one a test drive to see what all the hype is really about. Just by the look of this thing – you know you’re dealing with something extremely special. The best part is, the Honda Civic Type R comes to the United States as the pocket rocket segment heats up with cars like the Ford Focus RS, Hyundai Veloster…

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2019 Honda Passport Automotive News Featured Honda 

The Honda Passport is Coming Back for 2019

Given that we’re in the midst of a giant crossover boom, it shouldn’t come as a surprise the Honda Passport is returning to showrooms. While previous generations of the Passport were actually rebadged Isuzu Rodeos, the one that’ll be arriving at your local AutoNation dealer will be a Honda through and through. We’ll be getting a full review up as soon as they start hitting the press fleets, but until then, we’ve got all the relevant details below. Size-wise, the 2019 Passport is be smaller than the current Pilot, but…

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Honda Acura SEMA 2018 Acura Automotive News Featured Honda 

Race-Ready Rockets: Honda and Acura at SEMA 2018

There’s no two ways about it: The small, affordable, fun-to-drive cars that defined Honda and Acura in the early 1990s created a generation of enthusiasts. And in recent years, both companies have embraced that legacy, and released some of the most exciting cars we’ve ever seen from either marque. So to highlight the recent pivot toward performance, both booths for SEMA 2018 were heavy with hot hardware. Most striking — at least in our humble opinion — was the wicked ARX-05 Acura prototype racing car. It’s spent the last season…

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