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Five of the Hottest Cars AutoNation Drive Tested in 2018

Here at AutoNation Drive, it goes without saying that we get to test a lot of cars. It’s all part of the gig — and it’s a crazy-cool perk. Seriously, at some point or another, every writer on the team has been asked, generally after describing a particularly fun press trip, or a week spent flogging something exotic, what we refer to as the question: “And you get paid for that?” So yeah, it’s not a bad gig. That said, Mike Musto has even more to boast about than most….

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Concerned OnStar Reps Check in on Race Driver During Hot Lap

As a factory driver for the Cadillac racing team, Andy Pilgrim has had plenty of communication with company folks during his stints on the track, but this recent exchange was a little different. As it turns out, while he was flogging the latest ZR1 around the course at the National Corvette Museum, representatives from OnStar repeatedly contacted him — because they thought he’d crashed. While it’s unclear as to exactly why OnStar thought Pilgrim was in trouble, it was likely caused by the high speed — he’s pushing 150 mph at…

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Chevy Says the Mid-Engine Corvette Will Not be Revealed in Detroit

Late last week, we posted a video showing the race version of the mid-engine Corvette testing at Sebring, and speculated that we might actually be looking at a reveal as soon as next month’s Detroit Auto Show. Unfortunately, it seems like we might have been a bit optimistic, as out friends at CarScoops just reported that Chevy has no plans to release anything at the big event, with their contact saying the brand “will not be hosting a formal press event at NAIAS.” This is in line with the official schedule…

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The Mid-Engine Corvette has Been Caught Testing at Sebring

At this point, there’s no doubt that a mid-engine Corvette is on the way. We seen it making a McDonald’s run in Detroit, there have been patent filings suggesting it might be called Zora, and even an indication that it might — unlike virtually everything else in the segment — get a manual transmission. But against all the mounting evidence that the long-rumored model will actually become a reality, the General hasn’t uttered anything in the way of official confirmation. That said, we’re  keeping our fingers crossed that the company decides…

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Check Out the Face of the All-New 2020 Silverado HD: Gallery

The official debut of the Chevy Silverado HD isn’t until February next year, the General has released a bunch of pics of  its flagship big rig, and it looks intense. While the massive grille has proven polarizing with some folks, we happen to think it looks pretty cool, and will likely appeal to plenty of full-size truck fans. That said, the point of the new nose was to make it easy to differentiate the heavy-duty models from the light-duty ones, and in that regard, it works like a charm. With…

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