BMW Z4 BMW Featured Test Drive Reviews 

Proper Driver’s Car: 2019 BMW Z4 sDrive30i Test Drive

Roadsters are not meant to have 700 horsepower, 200-mph top speeds, or quarter-mile times in the sub ten-second range. Instead, they’re meant to be enjoyed by the enthusiast who prefers early Sunday morning drives on their favorite twisty back roads, along with the occasional track day thrown in for good measure. Sure, part of owning a good sports car is the visual factor that goes along with it, but for the most part roadsters like this new 2019 BMW Z4 are meant to not only put a smile on the…

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BMW Hybrid Automotive News BMW Featured 

BMW Testing New Hybrid System: Plug-In M Cars On the Way

While enthusiasts are still enthralled with the sound of a high-strung engine and the satisfaction of a perfect heel-toe downshift, the future of the car — performance and otherwise — is electric. But as we’ve said before, that doesn’t mean driving thrills are going to be lost in the transition. And for evidence, we’ll highlight the new hybrid system BMW is currently testing in a 5-Series, dubbed the Power BEV. This electric drive system is good for a whopping 720 horsepower, and since the three electric motors are calibrated to…

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BMW M8 Automotive News BMW Featured 

Here Are the Go-Fast Bits Available for the BMW M8

In case you had any doubt, the BMW M8 is already one heck of a fast car. The base — as silly as that sounds — version will be packing 600 horsepower and 553 lb-feet of torque, while the Competition model will have 617 ponies on tap. That translates to a zero-to-60 time of around 3.1 seconds for the standard model, three flat for the Competition, and a top speed somewhere between license-forfeiting and go-directly to jail. Power will get to all four corners via a specially tweaked eight-speed automatic….

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BMW M2 Competition BMW Featured Test Drive Reviews 

Absolute Riot to Drive: 2019 BMW M2 Competition Review

Predator, performance car, bulldog. That’s what I came away with after a week with the 2019 BMW M2 Competition. Now, popular wisdom says, that over the last 15 years or so, BMW has lost its way when it came to building exciting cars. While it’s obvious they can still build a fast, sexy car, what they’ve seemingly forgotten is that it’s the passion that ignites those who purchase them. That’s why this little M2 is so important, as not only was it an absolute riot to drive, but it gets…

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