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Car-Borne Fun Outside the Commute

Most people use their vehicles for a daily grind commute- simply as a means to get to work and come home. However, there’s lots more car-borne fun outside the commute that everyone should try to enjoy at least once! Join us as we share our favorite activities to enjoy our wheels and the roads.


Road trips

Road trips have existed since wheeled transportation was created, though it takes arguably less time to do a road trip than any other time in human history.

We love the unknowns that are always over the horizon. The random spots of intrigue found along the way is irresistible, but usually not found on or along main highways.

Instead of taking the quickest route to your destination, try taking one of the longer ones that don’t touch main highways or interstate routes. The back roads are the ones where the real magic of road-tripping lies.


Race tracks

Lots of people love to drive fast. However, it’s not safe to do so on the open roads. Why not hit up your local track for a few laps in yours or a rented vehicle? While AutoNation Drive doesn’t condone using an in-warranty lease, rental, or personal vehicle in auto racing, there are other ways to get into auto racing.

They’re a blast, too. You learn better driving skills, including proper braking, acceleration, and cornering, but you can also have full-speed fun without getting into trouble with the law.



If you have 4-wheel drive or all-wheel drive, then you’re ready to hit some gravel or pothole-rich dirt tracks for a little off-roading fun. Enjoy some of the most uninhabited areas of the US without getting out of your own vehicle or by driving there and then hiking around!

The US Forest Service roads offer free use of many of the backroads they manage and many of them crisscross less-populated areas of each state.


Cruising your local town or city

Sometimes you don’t want to go far. Instead of heading out into the wild blue yonder, cruise around your local town or city. By ‘cruise,’ we don’t mean drive slow, but exploring the nooks and crannies your local municipality has to offer. You don’t have to travel hundreds of miles to see something new. Instead, look for something new near you! This is our form of Cruising and it’s good for a few hours of relaxing entertainment.


Tailgate fun

Have bratwurst will tailgate? Instead of using your vehicle to explore, use it to bring people to you! Put down your tailgate, pop-up your back hatch, or open your trunk to showcase the chip bags and pop-filled cooler, and cook up some hot dogs, bratwurst, or hamburgers on a grill! This is a relaxing and sociable way of spending an afternoon with your car … and your family and friends.


Car shows

You don’t have to own a classic car to attend car shows as an entrant. Many shows allow for well-cared-for cars to enter car shows, especially if there’s something unique you’d like to share. From specific manufacturers or years to car shows for vehicles of a specific country or region, there’s a car show for you. And, if you don’t want to wash and shine your car for the show, go as an entrant and simply relax.


* * * * *

We hope to see you out on the open roads, enjoying your cars, now that you know some sure-fire ways to relax outside the commute. Call or visit your local AutoNation retailer to check out some cars that are perfect for these kinds of activities!

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