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Built Ford Tough: Check Out How Ford Tested the 2019 Ranger

The 2019 Ranger is one of the most anticipated vehicles coming in the new year, and to make sure it lives up to the rock-solid reputation the Blue Oval has earned with its trucks, Ford went all out in durability testing.

Now, when the company started using aluminum on its flagship F-150, there were plenty of skeptics among the enthusiast community and the press. But watching the cargo area take slap shots and fast balls in this video should convince anyone who doubted the durability that this baby is built to last.

Once these start hitting the press fleets, we’ll have a full review of all the ins and outs of the next generation of Ford’s mid-size pickup. But honestly? We’re even more stoked to see how owners start customizing their rigs. Your local AutoNation Ford dealer is going to have tons on options  to make your Ranger one-of-a-kind, so it’s not too early to start dreaming about how you’ll build your dream truck!

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