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BMW Testing New Hybrid System: Plug-In M Cars On the Way

While enthusiasts are still enthralled with the sound of a high-strung engine and the satisfaction of a perfect heel-toe downshift, the future of the car — performance and otherwise — is electric. But as we’ve said before, that doesn’t mean driving thrills are going to be lost in the transition. And for evidence, we’ll highlight the new hybrid system BMW is currently testing in a 5-Series, dubbed the Power BEV.

This electric drive system is good for a whopping 720 horsepower, and since the three electric motors are calibrated to put torque exactly where it’s needed, this big Bimmer should stick to the tarmac like it’s fly paper. As we know from some of the hybrid supercars we’ve seen of late, immediate twist makes for great acceleration, and according to the press release, this electrified super sedan will be able to shoot to 60 mph in under three seconds — which is blindingly fast by any standard. Also, our friends at Jalopnik have reported that plug-in versions of M cars are also on the way, so we bet there’s plenty more performance potential to be tapped here.

At this point, there’s no info on when this drivetrain will make it into production, but a toned-down version is set to debut in the forthcoming iX3.

Of course, it’s worth noting that BMW has been working on electric cars, and hybrid models, for some time. Along with the city-oriented i3, we’ve also gotten a chance to check out the gorgeous i8. Here’s what Mike Musto had to say about the futuristic machine:

From the outside, the 2019 BMW i8 would have you believe it will destroy all comers in regards to performance. Instead, it does exactly what the engineers designed it to do, which is deliver a wonderful and sport-oriented driving experience, while also exhibiting some of the company’s most advanced technology. The i8 was an absolute joy to live with for the week, and while it’s pricey, it’s sure to deliver an ownership experience that few other vehicles will be able to match.

For the record? He also said it was a mystery as to how the engineers at BMW were able to make a vehicle that looks like good be so comfortable — and there are plenty of other great details like that in his review.

Of course, if you’re looking to explore all the offerings available from the company focused on building the Ultimate Driving Machine, head to your local AutoNation-affiliated BMW dealer. With amazing machines like the  practical i3 and the incredible i8 available, the future is now! So go experience them today!

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