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AutoNation Donates RAM ProMaster to American Cancer Society’s Road to Recovery

Recently, AutoNation donated a RAM ProMaster to the American Cancer Society in celebration of AutoNation’s 11th million vehicle sold. This ProMaster will be used in service of the American Cancer Society’s Road to Recovery program. While every cancer patient needs treatment, not every cancer patient has transportation readily available to get them to that treatment. This program seeks to help individuals who need transportation both to and from their given care provider- whether that’s because there isn’t anyone to drive them, or because they’re unable to drive themselves.

The Road to Recovery program matches volunteers and their vehicles to patients in their area so that they can receive the critical treatment they need. To be eligible, you simply need to have to travel to an appointment that is required to either begin or complete cancer treatment, or to an appointment regarding therapy during cancer treatment.

The RAM ProMaster is the ideal vehicle companion for the American Cancer Society’s program. It has an incredible stowing capacity in the back and can be configured to fit many passengers and their personal effects. The key to cancer care is transportation, and with the RAM ProMaster at the Road to Recovery’s side, transportation is made more accessible.

One vehicle donated helps a great deal, but that vehicle still needs to be piloted by a willing volunteer. AutoNation Corporate Associates now have the opportunity to become those volunteers and offer their time to drive patients to and from their treatments. The American Cancer Society recently visited AutoNation’s Corporate Headquarters in Fort Lauderdale to educate volunteer associates, teaching them about the program and how that program has made an impact in their community.

But there is always room for more. Inspired to join the cause? Drop by the Road to Recovery page here to find out more about how you can participate and become a volunteer as well. As long as there is cancer, there will be cancer patients needing treatment, and patients needing transportation. Partner with American Cancer Society and their Road to Recovery program to help get those people to the places they need to be.

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