Customer Care Awards 

AutoNation Chairman’s Answer the Call Award: Ann Rothkrug

As AutoNation drives its performance from good to great, we must recognize those who go the extra mile for our customers. This recognition program awards Associates for efforts which exceed their normal responsibilities and add significant value to the organization and our customers.

Ann Rothkrug is a Service Manager with AutoNation Chevrolet. She was nominated by Eddie Huntley for her service concerning customer Wayne Yoakem.

“Travelers Wayne Yoakem and his wife were driving though Amarillo to go to Denver, to help their son move. The Yoakem’s are in their late 70’s and were coming from their vacation home in Corpus Christi, and were aware of the AutoNation Brand. They broke down on the highway in their 2002 Chevrolet 3500 during a terrible ice storm. They called our store and Ann called the tow truck for them around 6:25pm. The tow truck said they would be towing them in within the hour (we close at 7:00pm). Before leaving, at 7:30 she called to check on the customers and the tow truck was not there yet. After talking to the tow company again, she learned they were behind several hours due to many accidents in the ice storm and they would be delayed by at least another couple of hours. Ann was concerned about the customers due to their age and weather conditions, she went to pick them up herself so they did not have to wait any longer on the side of the road in an ice storm. Ann took them to a local motel where we send all customers as they give AutoNation customers a discounted rate. The next morning, the store diagnosed the car and a part was ordered. We stayed in contact with them and provided them with a loaner. They were back on the road within a couple of days. A very satisfied AutoNation family!”

Congratulations, Ann Rothkrug! Thank you for your outstanding service.

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