Don't Mix and Match Tires Automotive News Featured Head to Heads & Advice 

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Mix and Match Tires: Video

At this point, it seems like everyone who drives a car even occasionally knows the importance of an oil change. It’s one of the most basic forms of vehicular upkeep, and one that’s likely been drilled into your head before you even took your driver’s test. But tires are another system on your car that need attention, and what kind of rubber you’re rocking can have a dramatic impact on everything from stopping distance, to cornering, to fuel economy. Yup, they’re all round and black. And if they’re doing their…

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Lincoln Aviator Automotive News Featured Lincoln 

2020 Lincoln Aviator Grand Touring Will Have Loads of Power

Looking for a stylish, three-row SUV that also happens to have a ton of twist on tap? Then the Lincoln Aviator Grand Touring should be on your list. Because Ford’s luxury division just released the official numbers, and they’re pretty impressive. In Grand Touring spec, the combination of its 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged V6 and plug-in electric motor will be good for a whopping 494 horsepower and 630 lb-feet of torque. At this point, we’re not sure how that translates to zero-to-60 time or fuel economy, but it’s sure to deliver when…

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Hyundai Nexo Automotive News Featured Hyundai 

IIHS News: Hyundai Nexo Becomes First Hydrogen Car Tested

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety recently made history by testing the Hyundai Nexo, the first hydrogen-powered car it’s ever evaluated. Given how explosive hydrogen is, the prospect of deliberately crashing one sounds risky. But the Hyundai performed like a champ through the tests — so don’t expect a fireball when you watch the video. In fact, the Nexo actually earned a Top Safety Pick+ designation from the agency. So while it might be using some new-school fuel tech, it didn’t impact the score at all, and it earned top…

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2020 NSX Acura Automotive News Featured 

Acura Unveils ‘Indy Yellow Pearl’ for 2020 NSX

OK, it’s time for a pop quiz. When it a bad idea to paint an exotic car yellow? The answer is never — just take a look at how wicked the 2020 NSX looks in these pictures! While the new hue — dubbed Indy Yellow Pearl— isn’t an exact match for the Spa Yellow and Rio Yellow which were available on the first-generation NSX, Acura is calling it a heritage color all the same. In addition to Indy Yellow Pearl, the company will also offer a Berlina Black option as…

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North American Car of the Year Automotive News Featured 

Here are the Nominees for the 2020 North American Car of the Year

It’s August, so right now, we’re still enjoying the sunshine and summer cookouts. And while we’re still a ways away from all the year end best lists that crop up toward the end of the year, the nominees for the annual North American Car of the Year award have been announced. Of course, given the variety of vehicles on sale today, there are more categories than simply “car.” Along with car, members of the press will vote on which truck and which utility vehicle deserves the award. Here’s the scoop,…

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