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GM Confirms Mid-Engine Corvette Won’t be ‘Untuneable’

Last week, the automotive internet was rocked by speculation that mid-engine Corvette would feature an encrypted ECU, which would effectively render it off limits to aftermarket tuners. But now, General Motors president Mark Reuss has weighed in, and the situation doesn’t sound so dire. When asked about the potential for tuning by Muscle Cars and Trucks, Reuss said, “I don’t wanna cut anybody out from an aftermarket standpoint, but we have to pick and choose who are the good guys.” Presumably, that means that the General will allow industry leaders…

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new VW bus (31) Automotive News Featured Volkswagen 

Powerful New Spot for Volkswagen’s I.D. Buzz is Way Off Script

When a company makes a mistake, it doesn’t generally make a commercial calling attention to it. But that’s exactly what Volkswagen did in this new spot for the I.D. Buzz — and it’s brilliant. The I.D Buzz, for those unfamiliar, is the modern reincarnation of VW’s iconic bus. And instead of a tiny little flat four, motivation will be provided by Volkswagen’s next-generation electric powertrain. Dubbed the Mobility Electric Drive Matrix, the skateboard-style platform will allow it to underpin a line of vastly different vehicles. We’ve already seen a beach…

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2020 Defender Automotive News Featured Land Rover 

New Video Shows 2020 Land Rover Defender Testing in Kenya

At this point, we should start out by saying that we have more questions than answers about the 2020 Land Rover Defender. But fortunately, we’ve already gotten the answer to the biggest one that was on the mind of Rover fans here in the States. The question, as you might have guessed, is whether we’ll be getting it on our shores — and we’re happy to report the answer is yes. It’s an exciting development, because while the last generation of the venerable off-roader rolled of the assembly line just…

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Mazda CX-5 vs Hyundai Santa Fe Automotive News Featured Hyundai Mazda 

Video Comparison: Mazda CX-5 vs Hyundai Santa Fe

It’s time for the Mazda CX-5 vs Hyundai Santa Fe! Both the Mazda and Hyundai are strong competitors in a red-hot segment, and our video takes a look at the engines, cabins, infotainment, and price to determine a winner. Fortunately, we’ve gotten to drive both the Mazda and the Hyundai extensively over the past few months, and can say both are great, well-rounded vehicles with lots to offer. So before we jump to the video, let’s have a brief preview of each vehicle. After a week with the latest CX-5,…

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Jaguar XJ Automotive News Featured Jaguar 

Jaguar XJ Production to End, Replacement Likely Electric

This week, it was announced that production of the Jaguar XJ will end in July. While Coventry didn’t immediately provide any details on what will replace the company’s flagship luxury sedan, it’s widely expected that the next-generation will be electric. Details come from our friends over at the UK’s Autocar, which highlighted the fact that in a market where even luxury buyers are opting for crossovers and SUVs, XJ sales were far behind its stablemates. That said, Jaguar has no intention of retiring the XJ nameplate, which traces it’s lineage…

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