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Hybrid, Plug-in, Electric: What’s The Difference?

To paraphrase Mark Twain, “the reports of the internal combustion engine’s death have been greatly exaggerated.” Nevertheless, automotive manufacturers are continuing to evolve vehicle powertrain technology. Many are embracing gasoline-electric hybrid and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, while others are actually throwing petroleum out the window and focusing solely on electric power. As a result, automobiles are entering a new age of efficiency. Fuel economy figures for petroleum-burning engines continue to soar to new heights, while battery packs are now able to power electric motors for more than 100 miles between charges….

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Keep Warm This Fall With Mercedes-Benz’s Airscarf

Autumn can be an awkward time for convertible owners. The weather is too beautiful to warrant putting the car away, but the temperature is often too nippy to leave the top down. What’s a convertible owner to do? Invest in a Mercedes-Benz. A few years ago, the German automobile manufacturer introduced its Airscarf technology. Mercedes-Benz’s Airscarf channels hot air onto the necks of both the driver and passenger via a vent in the front seat head restraints. Available on the E-Class Cabriolet, SLK-Class, SL-Class, and the soon-to-be-released S-Class Cabriolet, the…

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Checking Your Tire Pressure Can Save You Thousands In The Long Run

Nobody likes spending money, especially not on a new set of tires or another tank of fuel. That’s why checking to make sure your car or truck’s tires are at the correct pressure is incredibly important. The manufacturer of your car or truck spent time and money to find a recommended tire pressure that ensures adequate grip and relative fuel efficiency. Your vehicle’s recommended tire pressure is located on a placard that is generally affixed to the driver side doorjamb. If your car or truck’s tires are underinflated, chances are your…

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How To Change A Flat Tire

Thanks to the advent of the tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS), mankind is able to put up a reasonable fight in its efforts to avoid flat tires. Nevertheless, the potential plague of having a tire rupture is still far from over. While we hope you’ll never have to deal with a flat tire, we want you to be prepared for such an event. Although not all cars and trucks contain spare tires anymore, many vehicles still do. Check your owner’s manual to determine if your car or truck has a spare…

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Never Use Your High-Beams While Driving In Fog

Your car or truck is equipped with two headlight beams: low and high. Low-beams generally offer all of the light you need while driving at night through well-lit areas; however, when the roads get considerably darker, you may find it necessary to use your high-beams. These bright lights can generally be activated by pushing or pulling on the column-mounted turn signal stalk. While high-beams are a savior on a clear, dark night, they can be your biggest foe the moment precipitation appears. This is because fog, rain, and snow all…

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