Featured Ford Test Drive Reviews 

Road (Base) Warrior: 2019 Ford F-250 King Ranch FX4 Test Drive

Ford’s Super Duty trucks are handsome rigs, but they’re not made to sit still and look good. They’re meant to get work done, whether that’s hauling a crew to a construction site, carrying a bed full of sheetrock, or pulling a landscaping trailer. So when Ford dropped off a 2019 F-250 King Ranch in my driveway, I knew I had a job to do. I had to figure out something I could do with it that would use some of its immense capabilities. Carrying groceries in it wasn’t going to…

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Featured Mazda Test Drive Reviews 

Automatically Charming: 2019 Mazda MX-5 Miata Club Test Drive

Don’t let the decreasing availability of new manual-transmission cars fool you. There are a lot of people who love driving stick. They’ll say that no dual-clutch automatic can offer the same level of engagement and connection to a car that you get from working three pedals and shifting your own gears. I’m one of them. Learning how to use a manual gearbox was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made as an automotive enthusiast. In fact, it’s made me a better driver in general because I have to pay attention…

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Featured Test Drive Reviews Volkswagen 

Roomy and Zoomy: 2019 Volkswagen Golf GTI SE Test Drive

The second and final morning of the Texas Motor Press Association’s first annual Texas Off-Road Invitational, Volkswagen had one of its 2019 Golf GTIs delivered to me. I had driven the manual and automatic versions of the flagship Golf R before, but never the GTI, so I was eager to get behind the wheel of it. I had another reason to jump into its driver’s seat and start the roughly 4-hour journey from General Sam’s Offroad Park in Huntsville to Austin: A family emergency required me to get home as…

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Featured Lexus Test Drive Reviews 

Frugality Meets Agility: 2019 Lexus UX 250h F Sport Test Drive

Last October, I traveled to Seattle, Washington to drive Lexus’s all-new UX. Its smallest utility vehicle is available with a gas engine in UX 200 form and a gas engine, battery pack, and pair of electric motor/generators as the UX 250h. Both versions can be equipped with Lexus’s popular F Sport package, which adds cosmetic and functional upgrades. During my drives through the construction zones of downtown Seattle and the natural beauty of Bainbridge Island, I discovered that Lexus had created a vehicle with the right dimensions and power to…

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Featured Honda Test Drive Reviews 

Flying High: 2019 Honda Pilot Elite AWD Test Drive

What kind of car buyer are you? Do you have to be the first one on your block to own a hot new model? Or are you the kind of person who waits for a vehicle to be out for a few years before seriously considering it? The urge to be an early adopter of a particular vehicle is understandable. There’s an undeniable sense of satisfaction that comes with getting what you want exactly when you want it. But there are upsides to waiting, as well. The 2019 Honda Pilot…

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