2018 Jeep Cherokee High Altitude vs 2018 Land Rover Discovery Featured Head to Heads & Advice Jeep Land Rover 

Head to Head: 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee High Altitude vs 2018 Land Rover Discovery

Watch what happens when two off-roading legends in the mid-sized SUV space go head to head. Both have confident 4×4 off-roading chops and clean up good for the pavement. The flagship Jeep Grand Cherokee offers a dizzying 11 available configurations in 2018, with the High Altitude trim being our favorite. The 2018 Land Rover Discovery shouldn’t need much of an introduction, as it’s built a reputation as a luxury SUV that does way more than look pretty. Without further ado, we bring you Head to Head: 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee…

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All New Audi RS 5 Sportback Audi Automotive News Featured 

An All-New Audi RS 5 Sportback is Coming

The new year is sure to bring a lot of exciting developments, but one sure thing we can definitely look forward to? An all-new Audi RS 5 Sportback. And we’re all ready and waiting to see if the all-new RS 5 Audi Sportback will recapture some of that former Audi Sport Quattro rally glory. For 2018, we’ll be saying hello to the first four-door RS 5 Sportback, and goodbye to the RS 5 cabriolet, but Audi RS fans should rejoice when they get a look at what’s changed under the…

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Head to Head 2018 Honda Accord vs 2018 Toyota Camry Featured Head to Heads & Advice Honda Toyota 

Head to Head: 2018 Honda Accord vs 2018 Toyota Camry

Things are heating up for the Camry and Accord in 2018—both have received substantial redesigns. It’s always interesting to pit these ultra-competitive mid-sized sedans against each other. This year especially, it seems as if they draw from an identical playbook, consistently one-upping each other. The Toyota Camry has been the best-selling car for 15 years, and sidles right up to the challenge against KBB’s official best mid-sized car in 2018, the Honda Accord. Lo and behold! It’s the Head to Head: 2018 Honda Accord vs 2018 Toyota Camry. 2018 Honda…

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2018 Ford Super Duty Trucks Automotive News Featured Ford 

2018 Ford Super Duty Trucks are Taking Things to the Next Level

Guess which manufacturer can make the claim it’s best in the categories which define the large pickup truck arena? Yup, it’s Ford. The company behind the most capable full-size pickup truck in America has claimed the following top spots for its lineup of 2018 Super Duty trucks. Just check out where it beats the competition: * Best-in-class conventional towing * 5th-wheel and best-in-class gooseneck towing * Best-in-class payload * Best-in-class torque and horsepower Simply put, the numbers on the 2018 Ford Super Duty trucks are beyond impressive. Because unless you’re driving…

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2018 Nissan LEAF Automotive News Featured Nissan 

What is the Nissan LEAF up to in 2018?

The Nissan LEAF has scratched the seven-year-itch with a fresh new design in 2018. The current most popular electric vehicle has a 150-mile range, and there’s another contributor to its popularity—it’s extremely affordable. Nissan has made a car that’s environment-friendly, loaded it with leading-edge technology, and actually made it attainable to a wide demographic. Seriously, how’s that for a concept. The base model, the 2018 Nissan LEAF S, comes with a starting MSRP of $29,990*, which, after federal tax credits on qualifying vehicles, can get as low as $22,490*, which…

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