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Apple Announces Big Redesign for CarPlay: Video

When Apple does anything, it’s big news. Of course, the company’s announcement that the new Mac Pro — which very much resembles a cheese grater — will start at a whopping $6,000 got loads of attention. As did the announcement that iTunes is officially being put out to pasture. But there’s also news to report about CarPlay, and it looks like Apple has made some big improvements to the already popular system.

While we’ll have to wait to see how the new versions perform during test drives, what we’ve seen so far is exciting. For example, drivers will now be able to keep their music controls up on the screen while navigating, there’s support for third-party apps like Pandora and Waze, and  Siri will be integrated across the various screens. Some of the recent CarPlay-equipped vehicles we’ve reviewed lately include the Alfa Romeo Giulia, Volvo XC40, and Toyota C-HR, and according to the video below, it’ll soon be available on 90% of vehicles.  To get a sneak peak at the system’s new look, check it out.

Of course, if you want to make sure your next vehicle has Apple CarPlay, head to your local AutoNation dealer. The folks there will walk you through how the system works, and provide info on all the vehicles which are CarPlay equipped, so you’ll have plenty of choices!

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