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The All-Electric Volkswagen ID.R is the King of Goodwood: Video

The annual Goodwood Festival of Speed is nirvana for gearheads. And while it always includes tremendous tributes to glorious machines of the past and present, this year, the all-electric Volkswagen ID.R race car gave attendees an amazing peek into the future.

With ace pilot Romain Dumas behind the wheel, the ferocious VW charged up Goodwood’s famous hill in a blistering 39.9 seconds. For those keeping score, that time bests the course record of 41.6 seconds, which had stood for two decades. It’s an impressive achievement, certainly, but hardly unexpected, as the same machine recently took the overall win at this year’s Pikes Peak Hill Climb.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you should expect to see a production version of this purpose-built record killer. But it still holds a lot of importance for consumers, as all the green tech that went into developing the ID.R will pay dividends on the VW’s next generation of electric vehicles.

Going green is a huge focus for the company at the moment, which was highlighted with the recent advertisement which both apologized for the diesel emissions scandal, and foreshadowed what we can expect from the company’s electric lineup.

Our own Mike Musto recently got to test one of the current electric offerings, and he came away very impressed, calling the 2019 e-Golf “an economical EV that’s perfect for those who want great driving dynamics.”

But as cool as we think an electric Golf is, we’re even more excited about the I.D. Buzz, the electric version of VW’s much loved van, and the potential for the Mobility Electric Drive Matrix, the skateboard-style architecture which will underpin all the company’s green machines. Since the new platform will allow for a wide variety of different body styles on the same chassis, we see it as VW’s embrace of the kit car culture that made the Beetle a platform for everything from exotic looking sports cars to beach buggies.

You can read about the potential for the Mobility Electric Drive Matrix here, but if you’re thinking your next vehicle should be electric, head to your local AutoNation Volkswagen dealership to learn all about the company’s ambitious electric vehicle plans!

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