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Acura Type S Concept Shows What to Expect From Next-Gen TLX

The Acura Type S Concept isn’t some kind of crazy show car. Instead, it’s a preview of the forthcoming TLX. Of course, eagle-eyed viewers will catch that it does lack some features — namely door handles — that we’d expect to see on the consumer model, we don’t see much else that would have to be altered to put it in production.

Overall, we have to say it looks the business, and it’s nice to see that Acura isn’t going all in on crossovers, as we’ve seen other manufacturers do recently.

With the plunging roofline toward the rear, there’s very much a four-door coupe design theme happening here, and we love the pronounced creases which run along the body. The integrated spoiler is also beautifully sculpted, while the large air intakes on the front clip, along with the pronounced ridges on the hood, give it athletic presence befitting a proper sports sedan.

Now, it’s worth noting that the quad exhaust ports in the rear fascia certainly don’t hurt with the muscle cues either. And given that the current TLX is already knocking on the door of 300 horsepower, we don’t think it would take much for Acura’s engineers to push output well north of that figure.

Back in May, a European trademark filing made us think Acura was flirting with bringing back the Legend nameplate. And even though everything indicates that the company will stick with its current naming structure, we think this would be a great candidate for a new Legend. That said, we’ve thoroughly enjoyed our time with the current TLX. Here’s a taste of what we had to say about it:

At the end of the week with the TLX AWD A-Spec, we didn’t want to give it back. And a test drive will demonstrate why — it’s attractive, comfortable, and fun to drive. As we’ve mentioned previously, the sporty sedan also solicited plenty of positive feedback from folks on the street, and we had several great conversations with passerby about how much they love, or loved, the Acura vehicles they’d owned over the years.

You can read our full review here, but it’s safe to say we wouldn’t complain if a future TLX came wrapped in sheet metal this sexy.

At this point, there’s still speculation that Acura might move from front-wheel to rear-wheel drive architecture, to better challenge European competition from BMW, Jaguar, and Alfa Romeo.

But if we had to bet? We’d say standard versions of the TLX will be front-wheel drive, and all-wheel drive will be an option. Given the development costs, and the market’s current obsession with crossovers, we just don’t see a rear-drive TLX in the cards — but we’d love to be proven wrong.

The Acura Type S Concept will make its official debut at Monterey Car Week on Friday, and we’ll likely have more information about it then. But don’t be surprised if you see something similar at your local AutoNation-affiliated Acura dealer in the not too distant future. Because as we’ve said, it doesn’t look like it would take much to make this design production ready.

Until we get a peek at the next-generation TLX, enjoy the pictures and check out the video below!

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