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A Guide to What 52 Different Dashboard Lights Mean: Infographic

It’s not secret that today’s vehicles considerably complicated than they were just a few years ago, and your dashboard lights offer a glimpse into just how much more advanced modern cars are.

Because along with creature comforts like heated and cooled seats, Bluetooth connectivity, and navigation systems, there’s a host of electronic activity happening every time you turn the key. From traction control, to anti-lock brakes, to collision warning alerts, every system constantly checks to make sure it’s ship shape. And most of the time? We don’t have to think about them. Unfortunately, the world is an imperfect place, and when one or more of your vehicle’s systems isn’t working properly, they’ll signal they need attention via dashboard lights.

Dash Lights

Now, the best place to find out what the various lights on your car mean is your owners manual, but it’s common knowledge that lots of owners leave them in the glove box for the entire time they own the vehicle. So to that end, this infographic which was recently posted over on Visual.ly serves as a quick primer on what’s happening with your car.

Expand the image for a full explanation of what each light means, and when in doubt, do remember to check your owners manual if you have any questions, as it will have a model specific breakdown of what each symbol means.

Of course, if you see something troubling on your dashboard, it’s always a good idea to get it checked out. So don’t delay if your car is sending you a message, head over to your local AutoNation service center, and let our experts take a look. They’re ready and waiting to make sure your vehicle is running right, and give a peace of mind you’ll appreciate where you’re out there on the road!

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