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5 New Year’s Resolutions Made by Your Car

The celebration of the New Year is typically the time where you make optimistic, forward-thinking resolutions about yourself for the upcoming days and months. Many of these resolutions, however, require the use of your trusted and loyal vehicle; for instance, your car is more than happy to carry you to those trips to the gym and to the local organic food market. Instead of focusing entirely on your own self-betterment this year, keep in mind the well-being of your ever-present companion. Your car is always by your side, and for 2016 it has some resolutions of its own to make.


  1. Get Me Detailed

2016 Honda Accord interiorYour car has stuck by you through the mud, snow, and chaos of the preceding year. Whether it was your dog, your children, or your friends tracking dirt and other unwanted particles, it’s all probably still in your car. While your vehicle may not verbally complain, it definitely deserves a full detailing for 2016. Take your car to not only get the insides vacuumed, scrubbed, and cleaned, but make sure you treat its outsides too.


  1. Buy Me New Tires

Too many of us travel the roads with balding tires that are not only inappropriate for winter conditions but are also generally unsafe. Your car wants the best for you both, so take it in to get new tires fitted. You don’t have to stick with the same-old, same-old either- do yourselves both a favor and get tires with a facelift for style purposes.


  1. Change My Oil

If you don’t remember the last time you got your oil changed, then this one is definitely on your car’s New Year’s Resolutions list. It’s not half as inconvenient as it may first seem, and it will do your car a world of good to have fresh oil running through its engine. You aren’t locked into doing it by yourself, either; take your car in to get the oil changed professionally. AutoNation mechanics are factory-trained and do a premiere job of refreshing your oil.


  1. Take Me in for Service

2016 Honda Accord speedometerAs a standard rule, most cars should be taken to a professional to have their systems checked at 30,000 miles, 60,000 miles, and 90,000 miles. If you haven’t reached one of those benchmarks yet but haven’t taken a look at your vehicle in a while, take your car in to AutoNation anyway. It never hurts to have trained mechanics comb through your trusty car to make sure that everything is in working order.


  1. Accessorize

Your car won’t complain about having standardized equipment, but it definitely won’t be bummed if you decide to enhance its looks and performance with some OEM accessories. Consider buying OEM floor mats for your car to keep things fresh and clean. There are many trunk storage accessories available for purchase as well, such as cargo nets and collapsible boxes. Or, stylize the outside with new roof racks or a roof box from AutoNation’s genuine OEM parts store.


Start Checking Things Off

Some of your car’s New Year’s Resolutions may be more mandatory than others. Regardless, your car deserves to be spoiled a little for 2016. Whether new or used, your vehicle has needs, and you are the one to provide for them. Fortunately, AutoNation dealerships are widely available across the country and can help you to check all of these items off of your car’s list. Drop by your nearest AutoNation today to treat your car to a well-earned New Year’s present.

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