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3 Luxury Car Clocks to Count On

Oftentimes car clocks are easily looked over as an additional luxury on premiere cars. Clocks are critical to keeping track of your day as you navigate throughout traffic on your journey. Drivers take them for granted as simple tools on their dashboards rather than the centerpiece they can be. These 3 clocks, however, take a front-and-center design approach. Instead of being simple bystanders, these stand-out clocks are the stars of the show, adding class, style, and timeliness to your vehicle.


  1. Bentley Bentayga’s Breitling Chronometer

Bentley Bentayga Mulliner TourbillonWhile the also-luxurious Bentayga in-dash chronometer comes as standard equipment, the add-on option of the Mulliner Tourbillon blows every other luxury car clock out of the water. Available in white gold or solid rose with diamond accents, this clock is the epitome of ostentatious design. Featuring the latest in watch technology, this clock even has a mechanism that spins it in place at regular intervals to keep it wound. To enjoy keeping track of the time in your day as you drive, don’t miss selecting this option for your Bentley Bentayga.


  1. Maserati Quattroporte’s Analog Clock

Maserati Quattroporte AnalogThe Maserati Quattroporte’s clock boasts an equally refined look minus the extravagant pull from your wallet. An analog face is framed by sleek silver lining in an oval structure. The clock is a sophisticated addition to the style of the Quattroporte’s dashboard and makes your time-telling a task of refinement.


  1. Porsche Sport Chrono Package Stop Watch

Porsche Sport ChronoFunctionality meets masculine style in the Porsche Sport Chrono Package clock. Times are measured to a hundredth of a second on the Sport Chrono clock and the stopwatch is operated by the control stalk for the on-board computer. If you’re looking to monitor your Porsche lap times, you can’t do without the Sport Chrono clock. Use the clock to measure lap, after lap at your favorite speedway.


Passing Time

These clocks make telling time an act of memorable sophistication. You can use your phone to see the time, but there’s nothing like checking your dashboard to see the time being given by a classy and premiere clock. If you’re in the market for a Bentley, a Maserati, or a Porsche, be sure to check with the staff at your nearby AutoNation Bentley, AutoNation Maserati, and AutoNation Porsche dealerships to learn more about these beautiful and functional clock options.

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