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Here are Your Top Three Automotive New Year’s Resolutions

As the New Year comes rolling in, we often take a personal inventory, and as a result, the New Year’s resolutions spring forth. Lots of folks start off the New Year committed to winning at life, through bettering our health and well-being, and just generally trying to be more altruistic humans in general, and that’s great.

But what about our cars? What if we were to take all this gumption and apply it to our automobiles too? Because while we spend a good majority of our time in our vehicles, many of us tend to neglect maintenance. Now is the time to change our ways and commit to preserving our automobiles anew!

So we’ve have whipped up this list of three little things we can do that’ll yield enormous results. Check out our top three automotive New Year’s resolutions!

car maintenance

Number One: Protect Your Investment

You know how you keep one eye open on the lookout for monthly gym specials in December? Why not do the same for the preservation and maintenance of your automobile? Make it a goal to make 2018 the year your car metaphorically discovers its abs. Start by pulling out the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance chart in your owners’ manual and see what’s on the agenda for the next few months.

By hitting all the key service needed at each mileage marker, you’re already well on your way to making sure your car stays in tip-top shape.  And if this is too daunting a task for you, enlist the support of the AutoNation’s service professionals. They’ll work with you to get your car on a regular maintenance schedule, so you never miss a critical auto service.

Arguably, the most important single thing you can do to extend the life of your car is to get the oil changed regularly. For some, this may be every 3,000 miles; for others, it may be as many as 7,000 miles. Again, check your manual.

automotive New Year’s Resolutions

Number Two: Clean and Detail

Basic detailing services typically include exterior wash and wax, vacuuming, window cleaning, and treating the dash and touch points. Other add-ons can include paint touch-ups, engine washes, and more.

But did you know that regularly washing and waxing your car will not only preserve the integrity of the exterior paint, it will help your car retain its resale value? This is especially important if you live in coastal regions where salt water can wreak havoc and rust your car. And the same applies to those living through harsh winters, because the road salt alone will eat your car’s paint—not to mention the undercarriage—alive.

All told, this is probably our favorite item on our New Years’ list, if only because professional detailers achieve unbelievable results, and we always drive away feeling like our cars have been reborn.

automotive New Year’s Resolutions

Three: Practice Safe and Alert Driving at All Times

This may be the most difficult item on our top three automotive New Years Resolutions list. But it’s as important as it is difficult. Because the roads are a cooperative endeavor, and road rage is just dumb. Seriously, when you look at the big picture, isn’t it best to pick your battles? Because losing it over someone cutting you off in traffic seems insubstantial when compared to things like your loved ones, taco Tuesday, and watching the Grand Tour.

Experts say it takes 21 days to break a habit, so the sooner you get through those three weeks, the sooner you’ll be more chilled out behind the wheel.

So do you have to do. Practice deep breathing and meditation. Fold yourself into a pretzel in a yoga class. Sing “Hakuna Matata.” Whatever it is, find something that works for you and commit. Because not only is road rage unsafe, it’s a turn-off too! If you’re trying to impress a special girl or guy, do you really want her or him to see you swearing and turning red with rage in rush hour traffic? No, you don’t. How about pretending that person is your passenger at all times, so you’ll always be on your best behavior. Also? Put the phone down. Seriously, haven’t you seen enough of those grisly text message accident PSAs to get the message?

Although we could continue with more items on our list of automotive New Year’s resolutions, we think it’s important not to bite off more than you can chew. So be safe, responsible, clean, and well-maintained, and we think you and your car will go the distance in next year.

But why wait until the ball drops? Go ahead and schedule service online today, and plan out your maintenance visits for 2018. You’ll feel better knowing your oil changes, tire rotations, and check ups are already on the books!

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