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2020 Land Rover Defender Spotted Without Camouflage (In Lego Form)

While they continue to have a fanatical following around the world, new examples of Land Rover’s venerable Defender haven’t been available on our shores since the late ’90s. Fortunately for stateside fans, that’s going to change with the 2020 model, as a full redesign means it will meet all the United States’ safety and emissions standards, and be available alongside the Discovery and Range Rover at your local dealer.

At this point, we don’t have much information about the forthcoming off-roader, but we know it will be the most capable vehicle in Land Rover’s lineup — which is saying something indeed. Spy shots have indicated that while some of the styling has been smoothed out, the latest version will share it’s ancestor’s squared off profile, and it’s also certain to take advantage of all the latest off-road tech, including hill descent, and modes for different terrain. So it’ll have brains as well as brawn.

That said, we’ve yet to see the new Defender without camouflage, but the officially licensed Lego model that has been making the rounds in the motor press might give us an idea of what to expect. As a part of the company’s Technic series of advanced builds, it joins the Bugatti Chiron, Corvette ZR1, and Porsche 911 RSR as one of the line’s enthusiast vehicles. It’s sure to be a hit with folks obsessed with the addictive brick sets, so if you’ve got a gearhead on your Christmas list, take note, as it’ll be on sale this October.

Of course, how close it is to the real thing it will be remains to be seen, as the fender flares look a good deal chunkier than they do on the test mule showcased in the video below. And we don’t see any exposed door hinges — a Defender trademark styling point — either. To get all the details on Lego’s new Land Rover Defender set, check out the full write up on Brick Bros.

We’ll get out first official look at the 2020 Land Rover Defender at this September, likely during the Frankfurt Motor Show.  And if you’re excited about the next generation of this legendary vehicle, contact your local AutoNation-affiliated Land Rover dealer. Fortunately, the ones they’ll have in the showroom will be fully assembled.

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