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Outstanding Crossover: 2019 Lexus RX 450h L AWD Test Drive

There is no doubt that the Lexus RX is one of the most popular luxury crossovers on the market. However, rivals in this segment are stepping things up with new-generation models are ready to grab a piece of the pie.

In our opinion, the leading models in this segment are the Acura MDX, BMW X5, Lexus RX, and the Mercedes-Benz GLE. But the new-generations of the Audi Q7 and the Volvo XC90 are really starting to heat things up. Either way, this is about the Lexus RX and the RX 450h L AWD in particular. Now, most of these SUVs already have standard third-row seats, but the Lexus RX seems to think it should be offered as a separate standalone model. Is that the right move? Let’s find out as we take a closer look at the new 2019 Lexus RX 450h L AWD.

Lexus RX 450h

2019 Lexus RX 450h L Exterior

Most of the models mentioned above offer a third-row without an “L” at the end of their name, the Lexus RX, on the other hand, gets an “L,” and is actually longer than the standard RX. While they both sit on the same wheelbase measuring 109.8-inches, the RX L models gain a total of 4.4-inches over the standard RX for a total of 196.9-inches. The “L” versions of the RX are available as an RX 350 L FWD, RX 350 L AWD, and an RX 450h L AWD.

When it comes to looks, the RX L models definitely look a little different than the standard RX models and that’s most apparent from the C-pillar and back

Overall, we feel the new Lexus RX lineup looks outstanding. The sharp new front-end, a floating design to the rear roof, and the sleek rear taillights really give the new RX a lot of character. Optionally, you can add on the new triple-beam LED headlamps and a touch-free power rear hatch. Just a quick note, you won’t be paying extra for any color option on the RX.

Lexus RX 450h

2019 Lexus RX 450h L Interior

Starting at a price tag of $50,720, the Lexus RX 450h L AWD comes with a long list of standard features. However, once you start adding extra packages the price goes up significantly. Adding on Navigation with the Mark Levinson Package costs $3,225. A Luxury Package adds more luxury materials for $3,935. Heated steering is optional at $150 and second-row heated/cooled seats are an extra $1,080. Those are the only extras we would add, bringing the price to $60,945.

The interior of the Lexus RX 450h L AWD is remarkably comfortable – just like we’ve come to expect from Lexus. But the big question is – is the longer ‘L’ worth $5,000 over the standard RX 450h AWD. The Lexus RX 450h L AWD gets a total of 41.4-inches of legroom for front passengers, 30.9-inches for 2nd-row, and 22.6-inches for the 3rd-row. That means only little kids can comfortably use the third-row. Also, keep in mind that the longer Lexus RX is more of a 6-passenger crossover rather than 7 since the second-row has two captain seats and there is no option for a second-row bench. You can try to fit a 3rd person in the 3rd row to make it 7 but it will get pretty tight.

Cargo capacity for the 2019 Lexus RX 450h L AWD comes in at 16.3 ft³ being the third-row, 23 ft³ behind the second row, and 58.5 ft³ behind the first row.

Lexus RX 450h

2019 Lexus RX 450h L Performance

Do you consider 0-60 performance when it comes to shopping for a crossover? The reason we ask is that no one in this segment is going to hit up the track or challenge someone to a race – unless you’re going for the high-performance trims. Yes, you should care about driving characteristics, comfort, and handling – but do 0-60 mph times really matter? Either way, the 2019 Lexus RX 450h L AWD produces a total of 308 horsepower which helps it go from 0 to 60 mph in 8.1 seconds.

All of the new Lexus RX models have an insanely comfortable ride quality and the Lexus RX 450h L AWD is no different. It’s smooth as butter and one of the most relaxing in the segment.

When it comes to fuel economy, the 2019 Lexus RX 450h L AWD averages an EPA-rated 31/28 mpg* (city/highway).

Lexus RX 450h

2019 Lexus RX 450h L Safety

Depending on the package you pick, you can equip the Lexus RX 450h L AWD with a range of driver assist technologies including a standard rearview camera, lane keep assist, lane departure warning, blind spot monitoring, adaptive cruise control, heads-up display, and much more.

2019 Lexus RX 450h L Overall

There is no doubt that the Lexus RX is one of the leading luxury crossovers in the segment. If you really need the extra space, the Lexus RX 450h L and the RX 350 L will really help. Nonetheless, each Lexus RX model is an outstanding option for those shopping in the family crossover segment. Prices for the longer version of the RX start at $47,770** for the RX 350 L FWD. Visit your local AutoNation-affiliated Lexus dealer for a test drive today.

*Based on EPA mileage ratings. Your mileage will vary depending specific vehicle trim, how you drive and maintain your vehicle, driving conditions, and other factors.

**MSRP excluding tax, license, registration, destination charge and options. Dealer prices may vary.

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